memory and migration

I'm Edith Lomovasky-Goel. As an immigrant and dweller of two different cartographies, I cherish the richness of the silence we keep inside when we cross geographic borders. That's the reason why I've created the blog of the International Archive of Displacement Testimonials

Our aim is to collect autobiographical testimonials from those that have crossed borders- inland or abroad- and opened a new chapter in their lives. It might happen for different reasons: to fulfill a dream or to improve life quality. It might be a forced migration- as unemployed, political refugees, as citizens under a violence threat or for any other reason.

Our archive focuses on stories – only verbal texts. At a further stage we'll collect multimedia testimonials.

We wish to make visible those moments which leave a mark and make a difference between homeland and the new land – whether it is a positive or a negative experience-. It might reflect an aspect of everyday life, certainly not heroic stories "bigger than life" . When we are the narrators of our own life story, we feel empowered. We encourage every one of us to take part in our initiative. We don't have to be writers to have a life story. EVERY ONE OF US MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Please follow these steps

Every one between the ages of 12 and 120 is entitled to send us a personal story on migration.

You can write your story in different languages:

Spanish, English, Hebrew, French, Portuguese or Italian.

Occupation, nationality, gender and religion don't matter.

Please write only to this email address:

Send only an autobiographic story in Word doc attached, Times New Roman 12.

Write your name, surname, age, place of origin and place of residence.

Read you soon!

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